Environmental Sustainability

We strongly believe in sustainability and protecting the environment and for that reason all retail packaging of
our products are in glass containers rather than plastic. To further encourage environmental responsibility, we operate a re-cycling system so customers can return their bottle and jars for a refund.


Customer satisfaction with our products has been proven over the past seven years by the high volume of
repeat sales at farmers markets, food shows, retail and trade markets as well as on-line sales throughout New
Zealand. Our unique gourmet products use tamarillos grown by a small group of dedicated specialist Northland
orchardists who are members of New Zealand’s only Tamarillo Cooperative. These growers are large well established orchardists who supply almost 30% of the national tamarillo crop, so we have immediate access to the variety of tamarillo that will produce the very best product.

Other information

All products are GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE with no added colour or preservatives, and If required we can
supply large volumes of our products at short notice.

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Tamarillos respond well with organic fertilisers so once pulped all the skins and processed pulp is
spread evenly under the tamarillo trees to reduce the need for artificial fertilisers.

All tamarillos are sourced from our GAP certified orchard and so adheres strictly to all environmental,
health and safety compliances.

Tamarillo orchard

The slow infusion/gravity process we use to process the vinaigrette uses no water and very little
electricity as it relies on the slow fermentation process of the tamarillo infused red wine vinegar.

We have established distributors in Auckland and Christchurch so we freight bulk consignments to
their warehouses from where they deliver specific orders to customers. This is very energy efficient
as it saves having to deliver small orders from our base in Whangarei to all over New Zealand.