Health and Nutrition

As growers, we know what part of the tamarillo and which variety produces the very best product and, having
formed a cooperative group of large growers, we can select the variety, maturity and nutritional quality of the
fruit we need.

Tamarillo orchard

Information labels

Serving suggestions and nutritional information are on the label, and all products have a high nutritional value
of tamarillo and contain high levels of vitamin C, antioxidants, essential minerals, and are free of cholesterol,
fat and sodium.

Tamarillo Venison Image
Tamarillo venison with sauce

Health benefits

All products are both gluten and dairy free, rich in resveratrol which can help to combat obesity and promote
good health and do not contain added preservatives, colours or fillers that are commonly found in many other
food products.

Both the relish and the vinaigrette contain red wine vinegar which has been used for thousands of years as a
remedy for many ailments, and vinegar is a natural preservative hence it has a long shelf life before and after

All products are GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE with no added colour or preservatives.